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Over time of downloading images from various sites I ended up with a bunch that had the wrong extensions. Either jpg that were really png and vice versa along with some ending in jpg-large.  This became more of a problem in that some viewers did not know how to open the images with incorrect file extensions.  After a few friends mentioned having similar issues I wrote a script to correct the extensions.  This script is written for BASH 4 or above and runs recursively on directories scanning all files to correct jpg and png extensions.


Download: pic-jpgpng-fix_v09

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MD5: 831afb9213ff9627683fd76c6c043b78
SHA256: e6f30bbbf93861632e56f2418278b141e80149db98c3c8eb023bb8df6f59aed9
Signed by my certificate with fingerprint: FBD2 A63D 0835 965D 0D94 1098 D54F 078F A777 5B9D