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cornbread_500px2 Cups Washington Cornmeal (white self-rising)
1 Cup Self Rising flower
3 Eggs
½ Cup Sugar (little less)
Milk (as needed)
1 Stick of butter

Combine cornmeal, flower, sugar in large mixing bowl. Mix in eggs and enough milk to dry ingredients to make a thick batter. Whisk out large lumps but do not over-beat. Melt stick of butter in cast-iron pan on stove. Add batter to pan after butter has melted and bake at 400-425 until done. Cornbread should be brown and toothpick in center should come out dry when done. (Around 20 min)

I was planning to setup a Raspberry Pi to use my hosts file to filter out and block ads, but while digging around on the web found a project that had already done that along with added a web admin panel and statistics too.  Pi-hole is a quick and easy to install ab-blocking solution for the whole network.

Their site has a well laid out guide and their support is fast should you run into any issues. For the most part though it’s 1) get a Pi with Raspbian Lite 2) run curl -L | bash on the Pi then 3) make a couple changes on router DNS server and restart systems to receive updated settings. Once up and running all devices connecting to your network will enjoy ad-blocking even if ad-block software is not or can’t be installed on them.

Mine has been running for number of months now without any issues and receives regular updates of ad sites to block. A quick look at the admin panel shows the current day’s statistics.