All posts for the day November 19th, 2014

Suction CupI’ve had issues with air bubbles before in my tablet screen and usually they’d go away on their own if the screen was left flat or at a slight angle. However, this last one seemed to be stuck right in the middle of the screen and after a few days was rather annoying with the screen color distortion and causing interference with the digitizer.

Warning: I’m not responsible if you break your screen attempting this!

While searching around for possible solutions I came across a suction cup with a flip tab to add or release the suction. Applying this suction cup over the air bubble and giving a wiggle then releasing the suction seems to have resolved the issue and there is no longer any issue with my screen. I’ll be keeping the suction cup handy in case another bubble should form again, but at least for now I don’t need to consider a tablet replacement.