All posts for the day November 14th, 2014

Well after being bugged for a while by a specific raccoon to get a blog setup I have finally done so. First attempt was with a host provided click and build site, but soon after making it realized I had no control over the DB and scrapped that. The next option was to create a mySQL DB that I was in control of in my hosting package and manually install WordPress. Took all of about 10 minutes. Spent about another 30 minutes trying to find a theme that worked for me which I still need to finish customizing.

While poking around for extra features like the share buttons I learned those are not installed by default. To access those you must first install the Jetpack plugin and then connect it with a WordPress account. (Something I am still working on doing and getting setup)

The hardest part of the whole ordeal was actually picking out a domain name that was not already taken. While it’s not my first or second choice it will work. After hours of searching, I’m not sure I could come up with anything better.

Stay tuned for more from the crazy fox here!